“The Run for Joe is a great way to culminate and express the whole range of emotion we might feel when we think about Joseph, the community and the great people and progress associated with the Captain Joseph House Foundation. A physical test is a great thing to apply our focus towards, but also the camaraderie and energy from those who participate and appreciate helping Gold Star Families.

All the best, Colby Chi Psi BrotherBoard Director

It’s been an honor to be involved in Run For Joe since the inception 10 years ago. What began as a way to channel our collective grief into action, has evolved into an annual tradition to honor Joe’s memory and support the incredible foundation in his name. For his group of college friends, the success of this ongoing event is a testament to our belief in his mother’s tireless work in caring for the Families of the Fallen, and to the lasting friendships he made at the University of Oregon.

Love, Jen College FriendBoard Director